Venice, Rhine River Cruise

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Traveled to Venice, Italy for three days before continuing our journey to Basel, Switzerland, the starting point of our Rhine River cruise, ending in Amsterdam about seven days later. We were joined on the cruise by our friends Gary and Mary Lee from Versailles, as well as a reunion with Robert and Joanne, friends from Australia. We also had a chance to see friends Rolf, Monika, and Melanie while in Basel.

Amsterdam Red Light1.jpg

Amsterdam Red Light2.jpg

Amsterdam Red Light3.jpg

Australian Friends in Rudesheim.jpg

Basel Switzerland with Swiss Friends.jpg

Bridge of Locks.jpg

Castle along the Rhine River.jpg

Large Church along the Rhine.jpg

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Rhine River Village Street View.jpg

Street Scene1.jpg

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Venice Boat Ride through the Canals.jpg

Venice Boat Ride with Bubbly.jpg

Venice Boat Ride with Kathy.jpg

Venice Bridge of Sighs.jpg

Venice Canal View.jpg

Venice Gondola Ride.jpg

Venice Night Time View from our Room.jpg

Venice Panorama View from our Room.jpg

Venice Rialto Fish Market.jpg

Venice View from our Room.jpg

Venice View1.jpg

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