Telluride to Moab '09


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I traveled with my nephew, Charlie, along with Judge and Jimmy, to Telluride, Colorado on September 1st, my second mountain bike trip of the San Juan Huts route, approximately 217 miles from Telluride, Colorado to Moab, Utah. We finished our trip in Moab on September 8th, and returned to Telluride that evening. We chose our dates to coincide with the Graham Ranch BBQ, which was a lot of fun, especially renewing my friendship with Donna, Kevin, Megan & Caitlin, and of course Tam Graham, owner of the ranch. After returning to Telluride, we woke at 4:30 am to drive to Ouray, Colorado to meet our guides for climbing Mt. Sneffels, a Colorado "fourteener" with a summit of 14,150 ft. We took the technical Southwest Ridge route out of Yankee Boy Basin, reaching the summit at about 10:30 am, and returning to the parking lot at about 1:00 pm, just in time to avoid the approaching storm. We had a "celebration dinner" in Telluride that evening, and returned to the airport the following morning for our return to Kentucky.

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Altitude 10,597.jpg

Another Big View.jpg

Another Route View.jpg

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Canyons Resort in Gateway.jpg

Charlie along the Route.jpg

Charlie and Mark near Mt. Sneffels Summit.jpg

Charlie at Last Dollar Hut.jpg

Charlie at Porcupine Trailhead.jpg

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Charlie in Columbine Hut.jpg

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Charlie, Noel, Jimmy & Judge at Summit of Mt. Sneffels 10,150 ft..jpg

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Got down just in time as weather moves in on Mt. Sneffels.jpg

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Jimmy & Charlie on Main St in Telluride.jpg

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Jimmy and Kevin head toward Mt. Sneffels Summit.jpg

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Jimmy is Entered in Jackass Race.jpg

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Near Summit of Mt. Sneffels.jpg

Noel & Megan in Rooster Roping Contest.jpg

Noel above Castle View.jpg

Noel at Summit of Mt. Sneffels 14,150 ft.jpg

Noel Checking the Hut Register.jpg

Noel Cooking Dinner.jpg

Noel is Checking out the Hut.jpg

Noel on Trail to Mt. Sneffels Summit.jpg

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Noel, Jimmy & Judge.jpg

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Party Time at Graham Ranch.jpg

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