Tahiti Oct.'10


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On October 23rd, Kathy and I traveled to the islands of French Polynesia for a two week vacation. We had also arranged to rendezvous with Robert and Joanne, friends from Australia who we met several years ago while on a similar cruise in Alaska. After a couple of days at the InterContinental Resort on Tahiti, we boarded the cruise ship and spent the next ten days sailing among the islands, including stops at Moorea and Bora Bora. I enjoyed the diving, and the dive on Rangiroa Island was probably in my personal top ten list. Visability was well over 100 feet, black tip sharks everywhere, a close encounter with dolphins, and more. I was a "bad boy", as my first dive was 152 ft/54 min and my second dive was 153 ft/45 min. My computer wanted a 25 minute deco stop, but I only had air remaining for 10 minutes before surfacing. No eventual problems except my computer "locked-up" for 24 hours. Following are some pictures:

Airplane Crash Pic.jpg

Beach Scene.jpg

Bora Bora Resort.jpg

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Polynesian Dancer Pic 1.jpg

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