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The last week of July, Kathy and I visited the Red Reflet Guest Ranch near Ten Sleep, Wyoming. I can't really call it a "dude" ranch, just a little too upscale. I guess we are just too old to handle a bunkhouse or camping. The ranch is located in the Big Horn Basin, just on the western side of the Big Horn Mountains. The area is just east of Yellowstone National Park. The lower elevations were at about 5,000 ft., whereas the upper elevation of the ranch was at about 8,000 ft. The ranch covers about 25,000 acres, has a working cattle operation of about 5,000 head, as well as horses and ATVs for the guests. They also have their own airport with a jet, a helicopter and a Cessna 206. The owner of the ranch flew the jet to Denver to pick us up and fly us to the ranch. On the way home, we took the Cessna 206 to Rapid City, SD to see Mt. Rushmore before continuing back to Denver. The ranch has four chalets (fancy cabins) for guests. The owners, Bob & Laurence Kaplan always join the guests for lunch & dinnner in the main lodge. Very nice, but a little pricey.

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