Quandary Peak, Colorado


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My first attempt to summit Quandary Peak (14,265 ft) was during the winter in January '08 when I was visiting Vail, Colorado with Judge, Patrick and Don. I invited Jodi, a friend back in Kentucky to join with Judge and myself in Breckenridge to attempt to summit Quandary Peak in winter conditions. We found ourselves in difficult winter conditions with very little visibility due to snow falling during most of our climb. I decided to turn around at 13,000 ft, however, Judge and Jodi continued to the summit, returning to the parking lot late in the afternoon. I returned to Breckenridge during August '08 and made the summit along with Mike, a close friend from when I lived in California, and his family dog "Henry". It was a perfect day, allowing us to make the summit in about 3 hours. Kathy and I enjoyed visiting with Mike, Sue, their son, Jake, and of course....Henry.

A Couple of Mountain Goats near the Summit_jpg.jpg

Benchmark at top of Quandary Peak_jpg.jpg

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Don, Patrick & Judge at Vail_jpg.jpg

Henry the Dog_jpg.jpg

Judge, Jodi & Noel at Breckenridge, CO_jpg.jpg

Kathy, Noel, Sue, Mike & Jake_jpg.jpg

Mike, Henry & Noel_jpg.jpg

Noel & Jodi at 13,000 ft_jpg.jpg

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Noel with Jodi & Judge on Quandry Peak_jpg.jpg

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Quandry Peak_jpg.jpg

Summit Register at top of Quandary Peak_jpg.jpg