Philippines Mar. '12

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First two weeks of March, members of the Bluegrass Dive Club in Lexington traveled to the Philippine Islands. Our first week was on the Island of Cebu, near Moaboal, at the Kasai Village Resort. The second week we traveled to Puerto Galera and stayed at El Galleon Beach Resort. The scuba diving was excellent, with many "critters" we don't see in the Caribbean.

Airplane Wreck.jpg

Anemone Fish Pic 1.jpg

Anemone Fish Pic 2.jpg

Barrel Sponge.jpg

Big Head.jpg

Black Frog Fish.jpg

Blue Tunicate and Soft Coral.jpg

Breast Cancer Sea Horse.jpg

Christmas Tree Worm Pic 1.jpg

Christmas Tree Worm Pic 2.jpg

Christmas Tree Worm Pic 3.jpg

Colorful Worm.jpg

Eel Pic.jpg

Giant Clam.jpg

Gold Anemone.jpg

Grey Frog Fish Pic 1.jpg

Grey Frog Fish Pic 2.jpg

Hard Coral and Fish Scene.jpg

Hard Coral Pic 1.jpg

Hard Coral Pic 2.jpg

Hard Coral Pic 3.jpg

Kasai Village.jpg

Large Sea Fan.jpg

Large Tunicate.jpg

Leaf Fish Pic 1.jpg

Leaf Fish Pic 2.jpg

Not Sure.jpg

Nudibranch Egg Sack.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 1.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 10.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 11.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 12.jpg

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Nudibranch Pic 14.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 15.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 16.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 17.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 18.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 19.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 2.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 20.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 21.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 22.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 3.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 4.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 5.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 6.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 7.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 8.jpg

Nudibranch Pic 9.jpg

Ornate Pipe Fish Pic 1.jpg

Ornate Pipe Fish Pic 2.jpg

Point Bar at El Galleon.jpg

Pretty Frog Fish.jpg

Pretty Worm.jpg

Scorpion Fish.jpg

Sea Fan with Fish.jpg

Sea Star Pic 1.jpg

Sea Star Pic 2.jpg

Sea Star Pic 3.jpg

Sea Star Pic 4.jpg

Sea Star Scene Pic 1.jpg

Sea Star Scene.jpg

Small Crab.jpg

Small Cucumber.jpg

Small Dot Crab.jpg

Small Shrimp.jpg

Soft Coral Pic 1.jpg

Soft Coral Pic 2.jpg

Soft Coral Pic 3.jpg

Soft Coral Pic 4.jpg

Spiny Urchin.jpg

Table Coral.jpg



Two Nudibranch.jpg

Ugly Scorpion Fish.jpg

Underwater Coral Scene.jpg

Underwater Scene Pic 1.jpg

Underwater Scene Pic 2.jpg

Underwater Scene Pic 3.jpg

Underwater Scene with Crinoids.jpg

Urchin Pic 1.jpg

Urchin Pic 2.jpg

Urchin Pic 3.jpg

Urchin Pic 4.jpg

Weird Crawling Fish.jpg

White Frog Fish.jpg

Yellow Crinoid.jpg

Yellow Frog Fish.jpg