Mt. Rainier - July '08

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After our failure to summit last year (Aug.'07), we were somewhat consoled by our guide's words that "Mt. Rainier is the toughest endurance climb of the lower 48". Afterwards, bruised, battered and dejected I pledged never to return, however recanted several months later at the insistance of Judge, Tim & Jodi. Unfortunately Tim was forced to cancel due to a pending hernia operation, but the rest of us were successful in reaching the summit on July 16th, perhaps due to better training, a smarter approach and help from Mother Nature with great weather. We also discovered after the climb our personal guide, Lhakpa Rita Sherpa is a mountain climbing celebrity...... having ten successful summits of Mt. Everest. I have told everyone that this is my last mountain. It just hurts too much and I can't keep up with the younger climbers.

Celebration at Finish with friend Gene.jpg

Climbers & Guides.jpg

Gene & Judge reviewing topo maps_jpg.jpg

Glacier above Paradise Lodge from above_jpg.jpg

Ingraham Flats from Sunrise Terrace_jpg.jpg

Jodi with Mountain reflected in sunglasses_jpg.jpg

Judge & Jodi at Camp Muir - 10,080 ft_jpg.jpg

Judge & Noel on the summit of Mt_ Rainier_jpg.jpg

Judge at Ingraham Flats - 11,100ft_jpg.jpg

Looking across the crater with Mt_ Adams in background_jpg.jpg

Looking down into crater from the summit_jpg.jpg

Mt_ Rainier from park road_jpg.jpg

Noel & Judge at Camp Muir_jpg.jpg

Noel approaching Ingraham Flats_jpg.jpg

Noel at Ingraham Flats campsite_jpg.jpg

Noel at Ingraham Flats_jpg.jpg

Noel on trail the day before hike_jpg.jpg

Noel on trail to Ingraham Flats_jpg.jpg

Noel outside hut at Camp Muir_jpg.jpg

Steam Vents on Summit - Columbia Crest - 14,410ft_jpg.jpg

Sunrise near Summit - 13,500ft_jpg.jpg

Tents on Ingraham Flats as seen from scope_jpg.jpg

View from inside tent at Ingraham Flats_jpg.jpg