Mont Blanc Aug '12

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Traveled with Judge, my hiking buddy, to Chamonix, France. We joined six others and our guides from Mont Blanc Guides for three days of hiking/climbing at Gran Paradiso in Italy before moving to Mont Blanc, high above the valley of Chamonix. Both the summits of Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc exceed the ability of my 66 year old body, and the summits were not my goal. I had hoped to make the hike/climb to the Chabod Hut and over to Vittio Emanuele Hut on Gran Paradiso, which I accomplished. On Mont Blanc I had hoped to make the hike/climb to Tete Rousse Hut, which was tough, but I made it without too much trouble. Once our adventure on the mountains was over, I took a parapente (parachute) glide above the Chamonix Valley. I had never done anything like it before, and it was quite a rush!

A couple of hiking buddies on the route to Mont Blanc.jpg

Beer and Boot at Chabod hut.jpg

Climbing the Gouter route trail up to Tete Rousse Hut.jpg

Looking across the glacier to climbers in route to summit of Gran Paradiso in Italy.jpg

Looking out the widow of Vittio Emanuele hut on Gran Paradiso.jpg

Mont Blanc from the parapente.jpg

Noel and three other teammates at Chabod hut.jpg

Noel following guide on Chabod Hut trail to Gran Paradiso summit in Italy.jpg

Noel posing on route down from Gran Paradiso, Italy.jpg

Parapente adventure in France.jpg

Parapente chute above.jpg

Parapente looking down on Chamonix, France.jpg

Sunset from above the clouds at Tete Rousse hut on Mont Blanc, France.jpg

The glacier was a bit knarly.jpg

View from Tete Rousse Hut on Gouter Route to summit of Mont Blanc.jpg

What, I have to hike up there.jpg