Little Cayman '09


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January 16th - 24th at Little Cayman Beach Resort with the Louisville Dive Club & Rotary Group. Approximately thirty of us escaped the winter temperatures in the North, for a week of diving and socializing in the Caribbean. I especially enjoyed the company of my new dive buddies, Keith & Pam. Apparently we were the "trouble makers". I got lectured at least once for setting a bad example, and Pam got "grounded" by the Divemaster. Although a little cool in the morning, perhaps low 70's, but usually nice and sunny by noon with temperatures about 80 degrees. I returned to Kentucky with temperatures still in the low teens, and by the following weekend we had an "ice storm" and no electricity for three days. Yuk.....waiting for Spring.

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A Little Cool on the Morning Dive.jpg

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Alien Creature.jpg

Boat Dock at Little Cayman Resort.jpg

Christmas Tree Worm on Coral.jpg

Coral Picture.jpg

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Sally & Tom on Wreck Dive.jpg

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