Key West Oct. '11

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Spent the last week of October in Key West during Fantasy Festival. I've had several people tell me I needed to see it at least once in my life, so this was the week. I rented a house several blocks off Duval Street, and met Patrick and Chris shortly after arrival. We then met up with Jerry, Barbara, Judy, Joe and Pat for dinner, before heading to Duval Street to witness the very crazy happenings. Later in the week we were also joined by Sherry, Terry, Lindsey, Alycia and Scott. Below are a selection of pictures taken during the week. Some contain what I will simply call "artistic nudity", so use your own discretion.

Blind Airline Pilots.jpg

Come on in, the Water is Fine.jpg

Dance with Me Baby.jpg

Finger Painted Ladies and Pirate Noel.jpg

Green Lantern Saves Young Girl in Chains.jpg

Hey Babe, nice Paint Job.jpg

Hey You, No Pictures.jpg

It's only the Guy that won't show his face.jpg

Jerry and Noel.jpg

Joe, Pat, Judy at poolside.jpg

Judy, Jerry, Noel at Poolside.jpg

Jungle Jane and Green Lantern.jpg

Never Too Old to Have Fun.jpg

Nice Looking Couple having Fun.jpg

Nice Paint Job.jpg

Nicely Done.jpg

No Idea.jpg

Noel as Pirate.jpg

Noel is Green Lantern Pic.jpg

Noel is Green Lantern.jpg

Noel, Gay Guy, Sherry.jpg

Paint and Makeup.jpg

Patrick and unknown couple.jpg

Patrick the Arab and Flight Attendants.jpg

Patrick the Mad Hatter and Sherry.jpg

Patrick, Sherry, Noel.jpg

Pretty Girl and Patrick.jpg

Scary Face.jpg

SEC Football Umpire.jpg

She Loves Me.jpg

Sherry and Brother Terry.jpg

Sherry and Mr Hunk.jpg

Sherry and Scary Noel.jpg

Sherry and Wolfman.jpg

Sherry and YIKES.jpg

Sherry Please Step Away Quickly.jpg

Some of Key West's Finest.jpg

Sunglasses at Night.jpg

Superman Fan Club.jpg

The Group Viewing Pics from Night Before.jpg

There's someone for everyone.jpg

Wow, what a ride.jpg