Indonesia '09


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Long awaited dive trip to Indonesia finally arrived. I traveled with fourteen other members of the Bluegrass Dive Club out of Lexington, Kentucky to Bali for a couple of days before continuing on to Ambon in the Banda Sea. We would be on the boat for the next eleven nights, making three or four dives a day along the route. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, as we conducted the "dive-eat-dive" routine, finishing with a cold "Bintang" in the late afternoon. The Archipeligo Adventurer II is a large comfortable ship, and the crew was perhaps the best we have ever experienced. Other than scuba diving, I had the opportunity to be the first to hike the Gunung Api volcano in the Banda Islands. I was joined by two crew members and our guide from the local village, as we started our climb at 6:00 am, reaching the summit at an elevation of about 2,000 ft a couple of hours later.

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