Grand Turk Apr. '12

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Traveled to the island of Grand Turk, located within the Turks & Caicos chain of islands in the Caribbean. The group was approximately 22 persons, some from Louisville and others were previous trip participants. I think the official group designation is associated with different Rotary Clubs, although it is not necessary to be a member. The diving experience was typical Caribbean, somewhat compromised by clouds and rain on several days. Air temperature was comfortable and the fellowship was excellent, as always.


Arrow Crab.jpg

Atlantic Spade Fish.jpg

Burr Fish.jpg

Channel Clinging Crab.jpg

Christmas Tree Worm.jpg

Feather Duster.jpg

File Fish.jpg

Flamingo Tongue Snail.jpg

Green Anemone.jpg

Grey Angel Fish.jpg

Hawksbill Turtle.jpg


Large Barracuda.jpg

Large Sponge.jpg

Lettuce Slug.jpg

Martha & Rum Punch.jpg


Old Ship's Anchor.jpg

Patrick on Safety Stop.jpg

Patrick ready for diving.jpg

Pedersen Shrimp.jpg

Pillar Coral.jpg

Queen Angel Fish.jpg

Scene at Bohio Resort.jpg

School of Fish.jpg

Small Swim Through.jpg

Soft Coral.jpg

Spotted Eel.jpg

Tiny Blenny.jpg

Trigger Fish.jpg

Trumpet Fish.jpg

Underwater Scene 1.jpg

Underwater Scene 2.jpg

Underwater Scene 3.jpg

Underwater Scene 4.jpg