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See Video of Two Whale Sharks on Same Dive - Click Here

I traveled to Ecuador & Galapagos with other members of Bluegrass Dive Club, along with my daughter, Amanda, and my nephew, Jon Jr. We spent a couple of days in Quito, the Capitol of Ecuador before flying to the Galapagos Islands. While in town, we took a tour of Cotopaxi National Park, and four of us hiked to the Refugio Jose Ribas, the warming hut at 15,750 feet. Jon Jr., Karl and Jimmy joined me for hot chocolate inside the hut before we returned to the parking lot where the rest of the group were waiting. Next we were off to the Galapagos Islands and boarded the Aggressor yacht for a week of scuba diving. We were very fortunate to be able to dive with Whale Sharks on multiple dives, and on one dive we swam with two at the same time. (See the video link above) After returning to Quito, seven of our group continued to the rain forest east of the Andes, along the Napo River, a major tributary of the Amazon River. We were treated to beautiful scenery, as well as lots of birds, monkeys and "bugs".

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