Fiji Feb. '11

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February 5th - 20th was the Bluegrass Dive Club (Lexington, Kentucky) scuba diving trip to Fiji in the South Pacific, and a week living and diving aboard the Nai'a. Several of the group traveled to Los Angeles a day early, where we flew two small Cessnas to the Catalina Island airport in the sky, and munched on their famous "buffalo burgers". After a ten hour flight to islands of Fiji, we stayed four nights at Musket Cove Resort on the small island of Malolo. While on the island, Doug, Alan & Jerry joined me on a five mile hike in the brutal heat to the summit of Big Malolo at 800 feet. Cold beer back at the resort was a welcome reward for the day's activity. Following were seven days aboard the Nai'a, offering five dives each day. Great diving and great company. I returned home to Kentucky after approximately 35 hours in route, including two red eye flights from Fiji to Los Angeles and then Los Angeles to Atlanta. Long connection times accounted for the balance, and resulting in a very tired traveler.

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