Fall Foliage Cruise

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In October, Kathy and I joined a group of University of Louisville friends on a cruise out of Boston, making stops in Halifax, St. John, Bar Harbor and Portland before returning to Boston. I'm not the best advocate for cruises, as seems mainly a "food festival", although enjoyed visiting with new friends while on board. As far as shore excursions, the Titanic grave site was interesting, especially the J. Dawson grave that was inspiration for the Titanic movie. I needed to get away from the cruise ship crowd and ship buffet, so arriving at Bar Harbor I reserved a rock climb at a challenging site named South Bubble. It was hard for this old guy, but my guide kept me on a short rope and we completed the climb, and then repelling back to the base. Once meeting Kathy back in town I treated myself to a couple bottles of the local brew "Thunder Hole". Back in Boston Kathy was very interested in the "Freedom Trail" walk, which ended up being 8.64 miles (because I got lost). We took a cab back to the Ode Union Oyster House and treated ourselves to a dozen oysters each and a cup of "chowdah", along with a couple of pints of Sam Adams Red. Now back home on a starvation diet.

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