Burning Man Festival Aug '12

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This adventure is hard to explain, and perhaps attendance is necessary to really understand it. I was invited by an old friend, Harvey, who now lives in Reno. I joined his group of approximately fifteen friends and established our campsite on the Black Rock City desert playa. The playa is a very large dry lake bed, perhaps 50 miles long. It is very hot and dusty, but might be a perfect site for this craziness. Bottom line is anytime you put 60,000 hippies in a desert, tell them to build wooden art structures for burning later, and instructions to party 24/7 for an entire week .... Wow! Hold on to your hat.

Another art feature.jpg

Apparently a little attitude here.jpg

Art feature made entirely of bones.jpg

Art feature with large boulders.jpg

Art feature.jpg

Art on the Playa.jpg

Bank of America.jpg

Bull art feature.jpg

Burning Man structure.jpg

But where do you put the golf clubs.jpg

Chase Manhattan.jpg

Choo Choo.jpg

City Center structure.jpg

Close up of man to be burned on Saturday.jpg

Goldman Sacks.jpg

Harvey messing with art feature.jpg

Harvey with friends Natasha and Donna.jpg

I was afraid to check it out.jpg

Mutant Vehicle 1.jpg

Mutant Vehicle 2.jpg

Mutant Vehicle 3.jpg

No love at Burning Man.jpg

Non denominational temple interior.jpg

Non denominational temple.jpg

One of the Thursday night fires.jpg

Our little camp site.jpg

Pathway to the Burning Man structure.jpg

Rudy's wife Natasha having fun.jpg

Schedule of events 1.jpg

Schedule of events 2.jpg

Schedule of events 3.jpg

Schedule of events 4.jpg

Ship wreck in desert.jpg

Some random art feature.jpg

Temple from distance.jpg

Tory our next door neighbor doing her Wonder Woman thing.jpg

Trolls storming the Republican Convention.jpg

Wall Street structure.jpg