Bonaire Jan. '10


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I traveled with the Louisville Dive Club's annual Rotary Club trip this year to Captain Don's Habitat on Bonaire in the Caribbean. Our group of 26 arrived on January 2nd, and enjoyed a week of scuba diving, island treks and fellowship.

Bahama Banks from Airplane.jpg


Ben, Carol, Debbie, John, Martha, Pam, Lesley, Kathy & Bruce in Cave.jpg

Bernardo Checks-out Rubber Jellyfish.jpg

Bernardo Give Okay Signal.jpg

Bristle Worm.jpg

Cave Along Eastern Shore in Bonaire.jpg

Dean Assists with Launching Kite.jpg

Dean, Bernardo & Noel at Kite Boarding School.jpg

Debbie & Ben at Propeller of Hilma Hooker.jpg

Debbie & Capt Don.jpg

John Poses for Camera.jpg

John, Pam, Martha, Debbie & Ben in Cave.jpg

Kathy, Martha & Pam at Ice Cream Stop.jpg

Manta Ray and Diver Pam.jpg

Martha Strikes a Pose on Hilma Hooker.jpg

Old Guy on Boat.jpg

Peacock Flounder.jpg

Pink Christmas Tree Worm.jpg

Pretty Young Local Girl.jpg

Propeller of Hilma Hooker.jpg

Puple Tipped Anemone.jpg

Queen Angelfish.jpg

Ron at Ice Cream Stop.jpg

School of Tangs.jpg

Scorpion Fish.jpg

Slipper Lobster.jpg

Spotted Eel (2).jpg

Spotted Eel.jpg

Squat Anemone Shrimp.jpg