Bimini Oct. '11

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Ten members of the Bluegrass Dive Club in Lexington, Kentucky, traveled to the island of Bimini in the Bahamas. The weather was nasty upon arrival, however, became perfect during the week. Initially the visability underwater was poor, but it also improved each day. The famous "End of the World" bar is still there (and still nothing but a shack). We stayed at the Bimini Big Game Club, which had nice rooms, good food, and a nice dive operation. I think we might return very soon.

Angel Fish.jpg

Bimini Beach Scene.jpg

Couple of Dollars.jpg

Drift Wood.jpg

Famous End of the World Bar.jpg

Fava Beans & a nice Chianti.jpg

Feather Duster Close-up.jpg

Feather Duster.jpg

Fish & Sponge.jpg

Fish School.jpg

Flamingo Tongue.jpg

Funny Looking Little Burr Fish.jpg

Large Nurse Shark.jpg

Lion Fish.jpg

Look Out Doug.jpg

New Invasive Species.jpg

New Smoking Ordinance.jpg

Patrick is a Pirate.jpg

Patrick is Lim'n on the Beach.jpg

Scorpion Fish.jpg

Southern Ray.jpg

Spotted Eel.jpg


Victory Reef Pic1.jpg

Victory Reef Pic2.jpg

Victory Reef Pic3.jpg

What's that Klik Klik Noise.jpg

Yellow Feather Duster.jpg

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Yellow Ray.jpg