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Some of our first friends in Louisville were Gary & Judy, who introduced me to Ray & Pat Bailey. Gary invited me to join him at Ray's home to "work out", an activity that continues today. Ray has converted his family room into a fitness center, and opens his doors three days a week to anyone wishing to use his equipment. Over the years, apparently people come-and-go, but here are a few pictures of some of the regular crowd. I apologize for omitting those who did not show up for "picture day".

Carla (Horse Lady).jpg

Carla (Horse Lady)2.jpg

Chuck (The Brain).jpg

G-Dog, Flashdance & Cool Dude.jpg

Gary (G-Dog).jpg

Marty (Wedding Planner).jpg

Pat (Office Manager).jpg

Paul (Cool Dude).jpg

Ray (Owner & Trainer).jpg

Susan (Flashdance).jpg

Tim (Light Bulb).jpg