BVI June '10

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Wow! Another great trip to the British Virgin Islands, perhaps my best ever.....althought I always say that! On this trip we had a total of sixteen persons with Alan from Maryland, Will & Emily from Texas, Kathy, Terri & Thomas from Grand Cayman, Pam & Kris from California, Mike, Sherry, Johnny, Autumn, Charlie & Tracey from Lexington, and Brian & myself from Louisville, Kentucky. We all arrived safely the afternoon of May 29th and played "pirates of the Caribbean the next ten days. We pillaged & plundered our way through most of the local bars, but got our butts kicked at the Willie T. During the day we were scuba diving, swimming, sailing, and geocaching. During the evening we had cocktails and lobster (not every night....lobster that is). We finished the adventure without mishap or injury, however several of the ladies were harrassed on a couple of late night swims by a rather aggressive "Tickle Shark".

A Map of Our Route.jpg

Alan & Tracey at Bananakeet.jpg

Alan, Tracey & Johnny.jpg

Angie & Pup on Rhone.jpg

Autumn & Alan at Bomba Shack.jpg

Autumn at Bananakeet.jpg

Autumn at Foxy's.jpg

Autumn Dancing with Rasti.jpg

Autumn with Cool Dude Mike.jpg

Autumn, Alan & Emily at Leverick Bay.jpg

Babes at Bananakeet.jpg

Bloody Mary Morning.jpg

Brian & Terri at Bananakeet.jpg

Brian & Terri at Cocktail Hour.jpg

Brian & Terri on Dream Cat.jpg

Brian, Sherry & Mike.jpg

Brian, Tracey & Johnny at Leverick Bay.jpg

Bubbly Pool Scene.jpg

Buddies for Life.jpg

Carib and Carona.jpg

Charlie & Autumn.jpg

Charlie & Cynthia at Harris.jpg

Chickuzen Fish.jpg

Chickuzen Wreck.jpg

Dock at Anegada Reef Hotel.jpg

Dream Cat.jpg

Drinks at Bomba Shack.jpg

Emily & Rasti.jpg

Emily and Jumbie.jpg

Emily Dancing at Foxy's.jpg

Emily, Kathy & Tracey at Bitter End Yacht Club.jpg

Emily, Kathy & Tracey at Party Time.jpg


Famous Willie T Floating Bar.jpg

Girls at Bomba Shack.jpg

Group at Bomba Shack.jpg

Group at Cow Wreck Beach.jpg

Group at Cow Wreck Entrance Anegada.jpg

Group at Foxy's.jpg

Group at the Baths.jpg

Hammock at Foxy's.jpg

Hummm....nice hat.jpg

Jerry, Angie, Pup & Lisa join us.jpg

Johnny & Alan.jpg

Johnny & Autumn.jpg

Johnny shows off Cap.jpg

Jumbie Show at Leverick Bay.jpg

Kathy at the Baths.jpg


Ladies at Bomba Shack.jpg

Last Night at Bananakeet Cafe.jpg

Mike, Kathy, Tracey, Charlie, Autumn & Johnny.jpg

Mooring Girls.jpg

Motley Crew at Bananakeet.jpg

Nice Shades Dude.jpg

Noel & Yellow Tail Snapper.jpg

Noel Posing with Bartender at Bomba Shack.jpg

Noel runs into friends Barbara & Joe.jpg

One pissed off Barracuda.jpg

Our group at the Bubbly Pool.jpg

Our Shuttle Driver, Albert with Noel.jpg

Pam & Kris at Bananakeet.jpg

Pam Messing with Noel.jpg

Pam, Charlie & Kris.jpg

Sandy Spit from Holo Holo.jpg

Save Water and Shower on Deck.jpg

Sherry & Mike at Bananakeet.jpg

Staghorn Coral.jpg


Terri & Brian on Chickuzen Wreck.jpg

Terri and Jumbie.jpg

Terri is Limin.jpg


The Captain has to be prepared to help his crew.jpg

The Chimney Dive Site.jpg


Three Corona.jpg

Tom checks Staghorn Coral.jpg

Tracey & Alan at Bomba Shack.jpg

Tracey & Emily at the Baths.jpg

Tracey is Limin.jpg

Tracey on Safety Line.jpg

Tracey, Emily & Kathy.jpg

Where is the Beach Bar.jpg

Will & Emily at Bananakeet.jpg

Will & Noel at Bitter End Yacht Club.jpg

Will at end of dive.jpg