BVI Family Trip


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The last week of May '08, Kathy & I were joined by our daughter Amanda, along with my brother's son Jon & his girlfriend Brandy (now wife), my sister's son Charlie, and my sister's daughter Carrie. We chartered the customary 44 foot sailing catamaran and spent the week sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, cruising and socializing.......oh yeah.......and partying. We hit most of the "hot" spots such as Soggy Dollar Bar, Foxy's and the Leverick Bay Jumbie Show. Kathy and I really enjoyed ourselves watching the kids have fun.

Amanda & Dad.jpg
Amanda, Jon Jr., Carrie & Charlie.jpg

Barracuda on The Rhone.jpg

Brandy & Amanda - Saba Rock.jpg

Brandy & Carrie - Peter Island.jpg

Brandy & Jon Jr.jpg

Brandy dancing with a Jumbie.jpg

Brandy with Parrot Head Man.jpg

Carrie & Charlie at Soggy Dollar.jpg

Carrie - Bananakeet Cafe.jpg

Carrie after a hard night.jpg

Carrie get'n down.jpg

Carrie getting in the spirit.jpg

Carrie lim'n at the Soggy Dollar.jpg
Hall Family.jpg
Jon Jr. & Brandy - The Rhone.jpg

Jon, Brandy & Noel.jpg

Kathy, Noel & Amanda.jpg
Rhone Propeller.jpg

Too much rum punch for Charlie.jpg