BVI Dec. '10

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Last BVI trip of 2010, with a crew of five. Alan, Tracey, Corrine and Charlie joined me for a pirate trip of pillage on plunder in the British Virgin Islands. Diving conditions were less than ideal, but we dove most every day anyway. As you can see by looking at our route map, we hit most of the high spots, including hikes to the top of Norman Island and a four mile route to Bubbly Pool on Jost Van Dyke. Corrine caught a nice size Bonito, which we had for dinner. Also, no shortage of night life, as we visited the Soggy Dollar, Foxy's, Leverick Bay....and of course, the Willy T.

A Map of Our BVI Route.jpg

Alan and Tracey at dinner.jpg

Alan and Tracey.jpg

Alan Is Dressed to Party.jpg

Alan Preparing the Grill.jpg

Alan Reacts to Dinner Bill at Leverick.jpg

Alan, Tracey, Corrine and Charlie on the Rhone.jpg


At Least He is Wearing Something.jpg

Beach at Key Bay Pic 2.jpg

Beach at Key Bay Pic 3.jpg

Beach at Key Bay.jpg

Beach at Noel's Secret Spot.jpg

Beach Scene at Key Bay.jpg

Beach Scene.jpg

Bloody Mary Breakfast.jpg

BVI Dec. '10 011.jpg

BVI Dec. '10 064.jpg

Calm Waters.jpg

Captain Corrine.jpg

Channel Clinging Crab.jpg

Charlie at Propeller of Chickuzen.jpg

Charlie Is Dressed to Party.jpg

Charlie Lowers the Dinghy.jpg

Charlie with the Two Ladies.jpg


Chef Alan and his Smoking Grill.jpg

Chickuzen School of Fish Pic 2.jpg

Chickuzen School of Fish.jpg

Chimney Dive Site.jpg

Corrine & Charlie.jpg

Corrine & Tracey at Bananakeet.jpg

Corrine and Ruben Chinnery.jpg

Corrine and Tracey Taking a Snack Break.jpg

Corrine at Bubbly Pool.jpg

Corrine Captains the Boat.jpg

Corrine on Beach at Key Bay.jpg

Corrine Pic 2.jpg


Dinner Upstairs at Leverick Bay.jpg

Dolphin Pic 1.jpg

Dolphine Pic 2.jpg

Don't Say that While I'm Eating.jpg

Fire Coral.jpg

Fish Pic.jpg

Fishing Pic 1.jpg

Fishing Pic 2.jpg

Fishing Pic 3.jpg

Fishing Pic 4.jpg

Fishing Pic 5.jpg

Happy Hour aboard Namaste Pic 1.jpg

Happy Hour aboard Namaste Pic 2.jpg

Happy Hour aboard Namaste Pic 3.jpg

Happy Hour aboard Namaste Pic 4.jpg

Happy Hour aboard Namaste Pic 5.jpg

Healthy Coral.jpg

How do you Drive this Thing.jpg

I'll Never Figure this Out.jpg

I've Had Enough.jpg

It's a Little Lumpy out here Today.jpg

Lights at Cynthia's.jpg

Lights at Sydney's Peace & Love.jpg

Lionfish on the Chikuzen.jpg

Michael Beans is coming to Leverick.jpg

Mr. Crab.jpg

Noel Dancing with Tracey.jpg

Noel on Beach at Key Bay.jpg

Noel, Charlie & Alan at Bananakeet.jpg

Norman Island Summit Trail Pic 1.jpg

Norman Island Summit Trail Pic 2.jpg

Norman Island Summit Trail Pic 3.jpg

Oh My God.jpg

Ohio River Quiver Pic 1.jpg

Ohio River Quiver Pic 2.jpg

Ohio River Quiver Pic 3.jpg

Oooh, I need Coffee, lots of Coffee.jpg

Propeller of Chickuzen.jpg

Re-exposure of Porthole on Chikuzen.jpg

Return Hike to Little Harbor.jpg

Road To Bubbly Pool.jpg

Sting Ray at Wreck Alley.jpg

Sunset at Key Bay on Peter Island.jpg

Time to Dive.jpg

Time to Scuba Dive.jpg

Tracey & Alan at Happy Hour.jpg

Tracey and Bloody Mary.jpg

Tracey Pauses for a Snack.jpg

True Love.jpg

View at Key Bay.jpg

View from Bananakeet Cafe.jpg

View from Bananakeet.jpg

We Flew Our Colors.jpg

Whatcha Laughing At.jpg

Wind Dancer.jpg