BVI & St. Croix - June '09


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All sixteen of us arrived in BVI on June 4th as planned and overnighted on our two chartered sailing catamarans. The next morning we provisioned the boats and loaded scuba tanks before heading to Peter Island for the evening. Our three scuba diving students, Gigi, Angie & Jessica, finished their training the next day, and we celebrated on the Willie T., a floating bar in the "Bight" on Norman Island. We played "Pirates of the Caribbean" over the next six days before returning to our base at Soper's Hole Marina. The following morning, Mike, Sherry, Maryanne & myself took the ferry to St. Croix to join with the Lexington dive club for another week of diving, eating & socializing. Jerry, Angie, Sean, Gigi, Brian, Jessica, Karl, Katie, Tracy, Charlie & Kathy all headed home. Our following week in St. Croix exceeded our expectations, as we were lucky to dive with a group of dolphins, a manta ray and several turtles. Mark proposed to Rebecca (who accepted), Steve & Shannon joined us for their first Bluegrass Dive Club trip, Dan & Anna explored the island, Gordon drove Maryanne crazy, Mike & Sherry hung-out below the dive boat, Corrine emailed Ricky, Paulette still doesn't have a date, and Noel made pitiful attempts to flirt with anyone who would pay attention.

Angie & Jerry in Galley.jpg

Angie & Kathy share a float.jpg

Angie on float at Peter Island.jpg

Angie plays Miss Piggy.jpg

Baths - 3.jpg

Baths -2.jpg

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Dead Soldiers - Gigi, Sean & Jerry.jpg

Dolphin Encounter on St. Croix.jpg

Drinking Pig on St. Croix.jpg

Fish & Coral Picture.jpg

Flamingo Tounge.jpg

Foxy at Foxy's.jpg

Hanging Decree.jpg

Hanging of Captain Norman.jpg

HoloHolo & Wind Dancer in Marina.jpg

Jerry & Angie.jpg

Jerry's Lobster Dinner.jpg

Jessica, Brian, Mike, Angie & Noel at Soggy Dollar.jpg

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Kathy Showers.jpg

Lizard Fish on St. Croix.jpg

Manta Ray Encounter on St. Croix.jpg

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Mini-zoo & Smootie King.jpg

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Noel just standing there.jpg

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