Africa Aug '11

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Kathy and I, along with Carrie, our niece, traveled to Nairobi, Kenya to meet up with her brother, Charlie, who has been a Peace Corp volunteer teaching science and math in a small village near Lake Victoria. He has been on assignment for the past two years, and was excited about our visit. We booked a ten day safari, with visits to several National Parks.


A Sunset Pic.jpg

Big Male Lion.jpg

Bird Pic.jpg

Breakfast at the Lodge.jpg

Cape Buffalos.jpg

Carrie & Daniel the Maasai Warrior.jpg

Carrie & Daniel.jpg

Carrie and another Maasai Warrior.jpg

Carrie at Sunset.jpg

Carrie Poses.jpg

Carrie trying to excape crocodiles.jpg

Carrie Watch Out Behind.jpg

Caution Sign.jpg

Charlie & Carrie at Breakfast.jpg

Charlie & Carrie at Kenya-Tanzania Border.jpg

Charlie & Carrie Pic.jpg

Charlie & Carrie's Room.jpg

Charlie & Kathy Pic.jpg

Charlie does Maasai Dance.jpg

Charlie in Safari Van.jpg

Close-up of Hyena.jpg

Crocodile Close-up.jpg

Crocodile Pool at Lodge.jpg

Dangerous Animals.jpg

Elephant Pic.jpg

Elephants at Water.jpg

Elephants at Watering Hole.jpg

Elephants on Plain.jpg

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Male Lion Pic.jpg

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Mt. Kenya Lodge.jpg

Mt. Kilimanjaro in Distance.jpg

Noel at Champagne Breakfast.jpg

Our Bed in Lodge Room.jpg

Our room balcony.jpg

Scenic Giraffe Pic.jpg

Scenic Pic from Safari Van.jpg

Scenic Pic.jpg


Swimming Hole at Lodge.jpg

The Group at Kenya-Tanzania Border.jpg

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Twin Otter takes us to Masai Mara.jpg

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Wildlife Picture.jpg

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